Reserve our fully functional, state of the art podcast  studio which includes SM7B mics, Pro FX8 mixer and a Mevo camera.  The Mevo camera allows you to go live on all platforms.  There is a 50" TV monitor to display your logo or ANY graphic.  Lighting options available for best results with pictures and video!

Record and upload yourself or use any of our services to create a masterful Podcast:

  • Podcast Studio         $40/hour (discounted for members)

  • On-site Engineer     $15/hour (unedited file provided within 24-48 hours)

  • Audio editing           $75/recording (30 mins or less - additional $30 for 30mins or more)

  • Intro & outro           $50 (includes one edit - $10 per edit)

  • Video editing           $100/recording (30 mins of less - additional $40 for 30mins or more)

  • Graphic design       $35/design (24-48 hour turnaround; excluding weekends/holidays)

Never done a podcast?  What do you need?

  1. You will need a high performance laptop with recording software already pre-loaded.  Laptop must have a USB connection to capture your audio. (if you do not use our on-site engineer)

  2. We recommend you bring your own headphones, although we do have some available for your session.

  3. A graphic optimized to display on the 50" TV monitor, if you're doing video. 

  4. An "assistant" (not in the recording session) to run your video recording, if you do not use our on-site engineer.

  5. A smart device to control your video (a phone or tablet). You will need to download the video camera software.

If you are unsure if you're prepared for your session, please contact our office prior to reserving your recording session.

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